Family Matters Update

Feb 19, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

I have decided to follow suit with DP Steve Zalesky and will be submitting these updates on a bi-weekly basis. Therefore, the next time you hear from me will be during the first week of March.

I am still waiting to hear from Chapter 951 regarding their point of contact for Family Matters. Also, Chapter 858 is still working on putting together their Chapter Executive Council.

"Welcome Aboard" to these new Family Matters Trustees for 2016

  • MSgt Eric Walton – Chapter 881
  • SSgt Christopher Crayon – Chapter 984
  • TSgt Shanna Peters – Chapter 985
  • TSgt Amanda Noble – Chapter 988

I look forward to working with you all as well as the continuing Family Matters Trustees – Willa Hyde (804), Sue Metzger (851) and MSgt AJ Callahan (872).

Is anyone doing anything for St. Patty’s Day – social activities, fundraisers, etc.? Talk to your Family Members – I am sure they have some great ideas to share with the Chapter.

Until next time -- stay safe, God Bless, thanks for all you do for AFSA, but most of all Thank You for Your Service!

Patti Dalzell, AFSA Division 3 Family Matters Chair