AFSA Member of the Year

For exceptionally meritorious service or achievement on behalf of AFSA.

Eligibility: All AFSA regular members are eligible.

The nominee must be a member of AFSA prior to 1 Jul of the year in which being nominated. (i.e. for 2020 submission, nominee must have been an AFSA member prior to 1 Jul 2020).

The award package will include the following items at the time of submission or it will not be graded:

  • Personal Biography (Use Division 3 Biography Template)
  • Upper torso color photograph
  • AFSA Form 100, maximum submission is limited to 18 lines, including headings with the following categories

The AFSA Form 100 will contain the following categories:

  • AFSA involvement chapter or base (Scoring: 60 pts), limited to six bullets plus the heading.
  • Membership contributions (Scoring: 15 pts), Limited to three bullets plus the heading.
  • Legislative activities (Scoring: 15 pts), Limited to three bullets plus the heading.
  • Community involvement non-AFSA related (Scoring: 10 pts), limited to two bullets plus the heading.