What do we do if we cannot get official photos taken at the base photo lab?

  • Official Air Force photos are not required. You can use any photos that are taken with a quality camera. Please make sure and provide all required photos as specified for the award. For military members, photos should be taken in Service Dress unless there are circumstances that would preclude the individual wearing that uniform, i.e., the member is deployed. If possible, include an American flag in the background of the upper torso shot.

How many bullets should I include on the form?

  • Some awards are limited by the number of bullets, i.e. 20 lines including the headers. Other awards are limited by the only being able to fill the front of the form or front and back. For those forms, you can include as many bullets as will fit on the allowed pages.

Do I need a cover letter for every award submission?

  • No, you only need cover letters for the Airman of the Year and NCO of the Year awards. The letters must be formatted like Attachment 3 in AFSA Manual 100-5.

Do I have to complete a Transmittal Letter as in the past?

  • No, AFSA has removed the requirement for the Transmittal Letter.

Must I submit all required photos when submitting award nominees?

  • Yes, you must submit all required documentation, including photos when submitting awards to the division level.

How should the biography be formatted?

  • We have included the Division 3 Biography Letter format for download. Please submit all biographies using this template.