Trustee #2: Greg Gallup


It is good to be back in the Division. This is my 3rd time around, I was at Minot from 99-03 and a second time at Minot from 06-09. I got to attend some great Division Conventions with Division 89 and collocated Division 8 and Division 9 conventions at Omaha, St Joe, and Kansas City.

I've been assigned to or appointed to all positions at the Chapter Level up to CVP at 358/Langley, up to CP at 959/Minot, and up to CP at 1075/Randolph.

I was a Division Trustee on Division Exec Councils for Division 610 while I was at Randolph, Division 6 while I was at 1356/Vandenberg, and I was the DVP and DP while in Division 4 after I retired and assigned to 1076/Lackland.

Why have I stayed with AFSA?

When I PCS'd to a new assignment or retired and moved I've instantly been plugged in with AFSA members who have wanted to make a difference on their base, local community, for their fellow Airmen and the Airmen that follow us.

Through good times and bad, I've got AFSA to keep me busy with Chapters/Divisions, mailing out retentions, and tracking down bad addresses.

Hopefully the current world situation becomes a past situation and we get to meet in Rapid City in 2021 for our Division PAC in Rapid City.

SMSgt (ret) Greg Gallup