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Use the links above to Join AFSA, just click on the picture. Renew your current membership or get more information. If you do not already have a Recruiter/Retainer number from someone else then use 794003 so that Division 3 gets credit and the chapter you are assigned to can track changes and reach out to you.

What's in it for You

  • Legislation - Be represented in important legislation that impacts you, your family, and your financial bottom line.
  • Membership - No one goes it alone - with AFSA and the Military Coalition, you are part of the 5.5 million members who belong to more than 30 professional military organizations.
  • Communications - Stay in touch with important issues via your local Chapter, regional Division, and international headquarters through AFSA newsletters, timely emails, and the outstanding AFSA magazine.
  • Fraternity - There are many professional military organizations out there, the one thing all of them have in common is their members have served this nation. Be a part of an organization that was created to do one thing, serve the enlisted Airmen and improve their quality of life.

AFSA Accomplishments

  • Repealed the annual COLA reductions established by 2013 Bipartisan Budget Act for retirees and survivors
  • Blocked a proposed $1 billion reduction in federal appropriations for the Defense Commissary Agency
  • Eliminated the Guard and Reserve retirement credit “fiscal year glitch”
  • Prevented a 24% reduction in Medicare and TRICARE payments to doctors (“Doc Fix”)
  • Acquired all 50 states’ ratification of the Interstate Compact on Education for Military Children easing the burden of school-age children moving from state to state
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