Chapter of the Year Award

Presented to the top chapter whose overall management contributes to and furthers the aims of the association. There are two awards: one is for chapters with 500 or more members and the other is for chapters with less than 500 members.

Eligibility: All Chapters

The award package will include the following items at the time of submission or it will not be graded:

  • AFSA Form 100, limited to 18 lines, including headings.

The AFSA Form 100 will contain the following categories:

  • Activity and Americanism Projects: (Score value is 50 points) Include actions not limited to: events hosted, attended, and/or participated in and results/impact, base and community involvement, projects and or support activities, social activities, and any recognition the chapter or its members have received in recognition of the efforts of AFSA.
      • Limited to seven bullets plus heading.
  • Membership Achievement: (Score value is 20 points) Include actions not limited to Recruiting and Retention activity, goal accomplishment, initiatives members/chapters took to enhance membership of the association, efforts to work lapsed, bad address, and recruiting and retention rosters, best practices and any marketing initiatives.
      • Limited to three bullets plus heading
  • Legislative Initiatives: (Score value is 15 points) Include all activities that support the AFSA legislative platform as well as any other efforts members take to educate and make members aware of the legislative process.
      • Limited to two bullets plus heading
  • Fraternalism Activities (Score value is 15 points) Include all social activities the chapter participates in to promote Esprit-de-Corps among members
      • Limited to two bullets plus heading.

Note on Scoring: All data contained on the form should be able to be verified by referring to the nominated chapters’ quarterly reports. The nomination package will be scored independently with a total value of 100 points. Five points will be deducted for each quarter that a chapter was late submitting a quarterly report for a maximum of 20 points. A late report is defined as the same requirements set forth in order to receive quarterly administrative payments, i.e. received prior to 30 days after the end of the quarter, unless waiver approved by International President.

Chapters with missing reports at the end of the calendar year (December 31) are ineligible to compete for this award. It is the responsibility of the respective level of submitter to validate chapter eligibility.