Division 3 Family Matters Update, March 2019

Mar 4, 2019 -- Posted by : dave


Jean Kolwitz, Division 3 Family Matters Chair

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March 4, 2019

Hello one and all,

Are we having fun with winter? Here in this part of Wisconsin, it is either cloudy and/or snowing or sunny and cold with the temps in the very low numbers with windchills as much as 30-40 below.Don’t know what it is right now, and I am not checking to see, tho an outdoor thermometer we have showed -4 at 7:00.Saw on Twitter a person skiing on the Offutt running track.Guess we are luck compared to others.

Enough is enough, right?

So, welcome to the new Family Matters Trustee.

Below is the one report I have received in the past month.

Chapter 872, Scott AFB.

I am currently looking into some on base reading for the Scott AFB CDC. This would be a recurring event most likely monthly, where AFSA members could volunteer to go read to the children. It allows the members an opportunity to be involved while also linking the importance of family within both the Air Force and AFSA communities. Once we begin to realize some warmer weather, I was hoping to establish a family fun day or a day at the park, where all AFSA members (and even the non-members who are thinking of joining) can come out and socialize, as well as network. If my thoughts or plans are not aimed in the correct direction please let me know and I can adjust my plan. Thank you for reaching out and feel free to contact me at any time.


At this point Chapter 872 is the only one to send me anything this past month.

I PLAN to send something out around the 15th—that is if I hear from anyone. Why waste your time reading “I have nothing to report at this time.”You have too much to do without me sending a report of nothing, so------my next report this month depends on what I receive.

Now, to the current Membership Drive worked up for IP Mike Carton.The participants are limited to the ranks of E-1 to E-5 and Family Members.

Below is a listing of the Chapters and their numbers of dues paying Family Members.Some are really low.Not including the Life category members in this count.

A Family Member is:

1)Spouse of an AFSA Member, or one who is eligible to be an AFSA member,

2)Children 18 or older

3)Brothers and/or sisters4)Parents

CHAPTER/ NUMBER of Family Members

804 / 83

851 / 56

858 / 18

872 / 28

881 / 5

883 / 6

951 / 27

959 / 7

964 / 13

972 / 16

984 / 17

985 / 33

988 / 5

990 / 4

TOTAL318 Out of the Division total of 9,907 members. So, if your Chapter has a Membership Drive, get active with it and sign up those potential Family Members.

Yours in AFSA,

Jean Kolwitz

Division 3 Family Matters Chair